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  1. Student Achievements
  2. Faculty Achievements
S.No Student Name Class Achievement
1 M.Harish III ECE Winner in IQ Buzz in CYBORGS 2011 at DIET on 17-12-2011
2 K.Mahendra,
T.Nagarjuna Reddy
III ECE Stood 3rd in CODE BUSTERS of AFOSEC2K12 at VRSEC on 3-02-2012
3 K.Mahendra III ECE Stood 2nd in Movie and add making at MECH MAHA MANTRA2 at DIET on 25-02-2012
4 N.Pavan, M.Harish, P.Suchismitha, Y.Sai kiran, CH.Mohan Sai Kumar III ECE Stood 2nd in Technical quiz in MVR TECHNOTSAV2K12 on 17-02-2012
5 A.V.N.S.Lakshmi, Ch.Prasanth III ECE Got 1st prize in poster presentation entitled Rail flat wheel detection in ICNB2011 at Raghu engineering college
6 P.Vineela II ECE Got first prize in Paper presentation entitled “Brain Gate Technology” in Evolution 2k11 at DIET
7 P.Sindhu II ECE Got first prize in Paper presentation entitled “GPS” in Mech Mahamantra 2k11 at DIET
Sl.No Name of the Teacher Achievements
1 Dr.G.L Madhumathi Papers published: 09  International Journals: 03 
G.L.Madhumati et al., “Design of CMOS Comparators for FLASH ADC,” International Journal of Electronics Engineering (IJEE), Vol.1, No.1, January-June 2009, pp.53-57. 
G.L.Madhumati et al., “Power and Delay Analysis of a 2–to-1 Multiplexer Implemented in Multiple Logic Styles for Multiplexer-Based Decoder in Flash ADC,” International Journal of Recent Trends in Engineering (Electrical and Electronics), Vol.1, No.4, May 2009, pp.29-31. 
G.L.Madhumati et al., ” A 0.4V - to - 1.4V Inverter Based 5-bit Flash ADC in 0.18µm CMOS Technology for UWB Applications,” International Journal of Computer Science & Network Security, Vol.9, No.6, June 2009, pp.255-261
National Journals: 01
G.L.Madhumati et al., “Review of Low Noise CMOS Latched Comparator for High Speed Flash Analog - to - Digital Converter,” GITAM Journal of Information Communication Technology, Vol.2, No.1, January-July-2009, pp.51-56.
Conference/Seminar (International): 01
G.L.Madhumati et al., “ Comparison of 5-bit Thermometer- to-Binary Decoders in 1.8V, 0.18µm CMOS Technology for Flash ADCs,” 2009 International Conference on Computer Design and Applications (ICCDA 2009), Published by IEEE Computer Society in  Proceedings of 2009 International Conference on Signal Processing Systems (ICSPS 2009), May 15-17,2009, Singapore
Conference/Seminar (National):04
G.L.Madhumati et al., “FPGA- Based Implementation of Ranked orderFilter for Image Processing,” National Conference on Advanced Communication Technologies (NCACT – 2008), 29th February, 2008, Vijayawada, India.
G.L.Madhumati et al., “Design of CMOS Comparators for FLASH ADC,” A National Level Technical Paper Meet (NLTPM-08), APRIL 4-5, 2008, Bangalore, India.
G.L.Madhumati et al., “Review of Low Noise CMOS Latched Comparator for High Speed Flash Analog-to-Digital Converter,” National Conference on Emerging Trends in Information Communication Technology (ETICT-08), 19th -20th December 2008, Visakhapatnam, India.
G.L.Madhumati et al., “Power and Delay Analysis of a 2-To- 1 Multiplexer Implemented In Multiple Logic Styles for MUX-Based Decoder in Flash ADC,” 1st National Conference on Cryptography & Network security (NCCNS-2009), February 18 -19, 2009, Vellore, India.
2 Sri. T. Venkateswara Rao   International Journals: 01
Distribution of Power between core and cladding in an Optical Fiber’ International Journal of Electrical, Electronics and Computing Technology (IJEECT), Vol-2. Number-, Jan-April, 2011 issue of the journal, ISSN: 2229-3027
National Journals: 03
Working model of optical fiber sensor for estimation of sludge in oil in electrical transformer’  National Journal of Pure & Applied Physics (CSIR), Vol - 49, September, page No. 596 to 599
‘Detection of Adulteration of Edible oils Using optical fibers’ Journal of Pure & Applied Physics; Jan-Feb 2006, Vol -18, page no: 51 to 55
“Intensity Modulated Fibre Optic Sensor -Effect of Core Length Exposed in Guiding Medium”; Lucknow Journal of Science, Vol.8 No.1 page no 161-65. Print ISSN: 0974-8121, online ISSN:0974-813X
Conference/Seminar (International): 02
Presented the paper titled ‘Multipurpose Fiber Optic Sensor for determination of Temperature, Density and Refractive Index’ in the  International conference on Consumer Electronics and Communication Networks (CECNet) 2011 conducted from   16th to 18th April 2011 in XIANNING University China, The proceedings of the conference included in the  IEEE  xplore Catalog Number Print Version: CFP1153N-PRT  ISBN: 978-1-61284-470-1
Presented  papers titled ‘Flat wheel Rail Detection’ and ‘Simulation of MPA using Probe, Edge, and Inset feed for 2.4GHz and 5GHz’ in the International Conference on Nanotechnology and Biosensors (ICNB-2) -2011, (IACQER) condted from 28th to 29th Decmber 2011 at Raghu Engineering College, Visakhapatnam. The proceedings of the conference included in the  IACQER journal with ISBN no 
Conference/Seminar (National):04
The ‘Applications of Nano scale Electro Ceramics’ Souvenir of National Conference on Nanomaterials , Applications & Nanotechnology Developments 4th -5th September 2009, Vardhaman College of Engineering, page no: 36
“Effects of Radiation Parameters on UWB Antenna Design” Book of Abstracts,  National Conference on Signal Processing & Communication Systems NCSPCS 2010, February 25-26, 2010, RVR & JC College of Engineering, Guntur-19, S.No 61 and page No.25 
“Modelling V-Shaped Cantilever Beam using Finite Element Method” DEVICE 2010,   National Conference on Recent trends in DSP, Embedded Systems, VLSI, Image Processing & Communication Engineering held on 13th and 14th Nov, 2010, at ANITS  
‘Transmission of Electromagnetic wave through a cylindrical optical fiber- Effect of cut-off wave length’ proceedings of National conference on Recent Advancements in Communications & Electronics-RACE’11; 11th -12th  March, 2011at KITS, Huzurabad, Karimnagar  

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