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The Spectacular Science and Humanities department plays a significant role - touching the souls of the students when they are afresh. Established in the year 2009, it strives to collate the approaches of Sciences and Technologies making the students ready to receive the hard core engineering principles. The department's modern infrastructure includes English Communication Skills Lab, Engineering/Applied Physics Lab and Engineering/Applied Chemistry Lab. The department aims at fostering development of the students making them be the 'pioneers' in their chosen fields. The department aim to enhance learning abilities of students in the field of basic sciences and create strong enthusiasm towards scientific research & development.
Department Strengths:
Vibrant Academic Environment
Well-experienced, dedicated and strongly motivated Faculty
Application oriented teaching and Development of soft-skills
Interaction with each student through counseling
With the above, our students are groomed into being responsible human beings, having sound knowledge in the field and good leadership qualities. Over and above a rigorous academic schedule, a great emphasis is placed on all-round development of the students.
To Sculpture Engineers on the basis of Basic Sciences
To develop communication and soft skills to make the students industry ready
To inculcate problem solving ability to deal with practical problems in engineering.
To impart application oriented knowledge of basic sciences
Dept. of English
The department of English with its core competency fulfills the specific requirements of all the departments of this institute. Established in the year 2009, with the inception of the institution it majorly aims at enhancing the employability skills of students and trains them develop their communication and soft skills. It extends its support to aspiring students who appear for different competitive exams by taking additional classes teaching them grammar and vocabulary. The faculty with their reflective practices creates conducive environment in the classroom and helps the students identify the resources and improve their life skills to achieve their goals.
Dept. of Mathematics
The department of Mathematics was established in 2009, the year of inception of this premier institute. It has always shared the vision of the institute in striving for excellence in teaching activities. It consists of well experienced and dedicated faculty members having specialization in pure Mathematics, applied Mathematics and Statistics. It strives to maintain high standards of teaching Applied Mathematics in various branches of engineering and Quantitative Aptitude to prepare students to pioneer in placement opportunities as well as further studies. The department has set standards of discipline, commitment towards academics and also evolved as the one that provides excellent teaching in all engineering level Mathematics.
Dept. of Physics
The general objective of the department is to produce competent and creative graduates who have computational, analytical and experimental skills in the Engineering field. The department of physics in this Institute came into existence in the year 2009 with the inception of the institution. The Department has well equipped laboratory with sophisticated equipment, both in quality and quantity, which brings the number of students per batch of 3. The Department of physics has well qualified, experienced and dedicated staff actively involved in research. The faculty encourages students to update their knowledge by involving them in Seminars and Workshops. With these strengths the department has achieved good percentage in the examinations in the past years and instills values and valor in the students to succeed in their chosen fields. The faculty members attended number of Workshops, Faculty Development Programs and National & International seminars.
Dept. of Chemistry
The Department was established in 2009 as a part of B. Tech program to teach first year students basic applicable concepts of chemistry to engineering. Chemistry is truly the pivotal science encompassing the principles of inter disciplinary fields. The department creates cordial academic environments where teaching and learning meet for the best. The prime responsibility of the Department is to provide research facilities in the thrust areas of Chemistry and related Engineering disciplines. Engineering/ Applied chemistry in B. Tech exemplifies the path to be acquainted which brings the connectivity between pure sciences and various engineering subjects. It has got well equipped Lab and the Students are trained to perform various quantitative analysis and modern instrumental techniques. The faculty encourages students to update their knowledge by involving them in various student centric activities and clubs. They also instill value based education in the students to succeed in their chosen fields. The faculty members have been active in research and the research papers were published in reputed journals, National and International conferences. The research focus has centered on Isolation, synthesis and characterization of Bio-active molecules. The department is actively involved in creating awareness among the neighborhood on environmental issues benefiting the community.
Dept. of Environmental Science
Environmental Studies a multidisciplinary core brings awareness among the students to explore the social, aesthetic, ethical, scientific, and technical aspects of environmental issues. Growing problems of pollution, deforestation, solid waste disposal, degradation of environment, issues like global warming, the depletion of ozone layer and loss of biodiversity have made the students conscious of environmental issues to protect the valuable ecological environment to attain sustainability. To create a concern towards environment, to facilitate their contribution and enrich the nature in a significant way the department initiated an Eco Club and various activities are conducted.
Institutional Life membership in ELTAI (English Language Teachers’ Association of India)
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