The Principal is the Chief Academic Administrator and an association between the Management, Staff and Students.
The Principal has equitable autonomy to take financial decisions in consultation with the management, related to procurement of lab equipment, funding seminars, workshops, Departmental expenditure.
HOD is responsible for the functioning of the respective Department as per the policies of the college.
The Administrative Officer looks after the day-to-day administration of the college office and helps the Principal in complying with the regulatory bodies.
Every committee shall have a co-coordinator and one faculty member from each department. Coordinator will be the in charge of the committees and its programs.
Coordinators of all committees will report to their respective HODs and HODs shall report to the Principal on the matters that come within the perspective.
Decisions pertaining to academic matters are decentralized. Allotment of course work, monitoring of syllabus coverage, planning and organizing seminars, guest lectures, workshops, industrial tours, staff orientation programs, remedial sessions, Personality development programs, project works are also organized by the faculty as per the instructions of the HOD.