In recent years, a good deal of anxious attention has been paid, all over the world to the utter significance and direct influence of science and technology on our modern life style.Twentieth century is indeed identified as the age of science and Technology. Moreover, the progress of any country in the contemporary world depends entirely or solely upon the improvement made by it in the field of technology. In this context, engineering education plays a meaniningful and substantial character and its role can not be excluded. We at 'Dhanekula' strive to provide you the best infrastructure and faculty with the sole aim of ushering excellence in engineering education.
I firmly believe that any technology is successful only when it is diffused through society-uplifting the world economy raising the percapita income of its people. Thus bringing the world class technology home is the ultimate aim of this institution fostering over all development of the students-moulding them into proficient, qualified and socially responsible engineering personnel.

Dhanekula Ravindranath Tagore  Chairman, DIET