Class Rooms

The College has 43 ergonomically designed classrooms and 15 tutorial rooms, each of 200 sq.ft. to 220 Sq.ft. area with 1:1 section-classroom ratio and four drawing halls, five seminar halls and five A/c Meeting Halls. All classrooms are provided with LAN facility,Projector Facility and wi-fi connectivity to enable the accessing of e-learning material.

  • The institution has sufficient number of spacious and highly ventilated classrooms.
  • All Classrooms are well-furnished and well ventilated, and supported with modern teaching gadgets.
  • Each classroom is provided with OHPs, computers, demonstration models, LCD projector etc. to enhance the quality of teaching and communication.
  • Separate tutorial classrooms are available in each department for slow learners and for remedial classes.
No.of Class Rooms : 43
No.of Tutorial Rooms : 15